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Hello, I’m Samuel Polley and I’ll support you in navigating the cultural complexities of the Ghanaian business environment.


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One of the biggest mistakes made when investing in Africa, is not taking the time to understand the cultural nuances. I offer you the benefit of 20 years of experience in Ghana, to enable you to understand, build trust and create relationships with your Ghanaian stakeholders. As a localisation and communication specialist, I will help you feel your way into your target culture, make informed decisions and greatly increase your chances to mitigate against any risk.

My Services

Cultural Communications and Localisation

As well as being fully prepared for your trip to Ghana, you will be supported on the ground with all interactions with your stakeholders. My cultural communications consultancy will enable you to build relationships with stakeholders you can trust, as well as ensure your investment is safeguarded against any risk. As a localisation specialist I will support you in researching and learning more about you target market.

Logistical Support

All your logistical needs will be taken care of on the ground in Ghana. This includes accommodation, transportation, planning of meeting schedules and cultural induction. With years of experience working with expats in Ghana, your safety and comfort are assured.

Local Support

You will be accompanied on the ground and guided to understand the cultural nuances that can be difficult to comprehend in Ghana. I will support you to understand the community you are investing in, as well as gain a real life understanding of day to day life in Ghana.

General Communications

As well as building your marketing and communication campaign strategy, I will support you with copywriting/editing that will resonate with your target audience. Whether you want articles, website content, or simply need your English texts edited, I will offer you a quick and professional service.

“Often businesses forget that they need to understand a culture to invest in it. Support on the ground in Africa from someone that can bridge cultures is as important as understanding ones business and finances.”


Who is Samuel Polley?

I first set foot in Ghana in 2003 and have since then spent over 10 years in the country gaining experience in the various cultural settings, as well as an understanding of the African diaspora in the UK and Switzerland.

My experience has varied greatly. By studying at the University of Ghana, project managing school redevelopment projects, experience in the political arena, working in the media, and living in both rural and urban settings, I have cultivated an instinctual understanding of the cultural nuances in Ghana. This and my background in communications has enabled me to support many in bridging the cultural divide, mediating between Ghanaians and foreign partners within Ghana.

Ghana is vibrantly diverse and fun to navigate, but often investors and officials visiting the country are not given the opportunity to feel and understand African countries in their entirety.

Not only do I enable investors and officials to base their decisions on a real understanding of the social setting, but I also provide support in understanding the cultural nuances of language and body language in cross cultural meetings and dialogues.

samuel polley hosting the alibaba cloud mea launch in accra ghana
Samuel Polley hosting the Alibaba Cloud Services launch in Accra, Ghana

Companies I’ve had the pleasure working with


What do my clients have to say?

Samuel supported our embassy cross culturally in Ghana. His insightful perspective enabled us to form closer working relationships within the team and also supported us to understand how to more effectively communicate in the wider Ghanaian community. His friendly and honest nature put us all at ease and was of great benefit to the embassy.

Ambassador Philipp Stalder
Former Swiss Ambassador to Ghana
Swiss embassy, Ghana

Samuel supported us in our business relationships in Ghana. He was an integral part of a task force that was sent to Ghana to assess business opportunities.

Prior to the trip he was a strategic sparring partner and logistics expert. During the work on the ground in Ghana his cultural insights helped us greatly in many instances. After the journey he supported us with detailed reporting that we could use in decision making.

I can highly recommend Samuel for anyone who wants to do business in Ghana.

Rasmus Nutzhorn
VP Sustainability and Future Innovation

It was a pleasure working with Samuel! His vision and clear communication kept our team on a straight course even through the most challenging moments. His positivity and humour created the perfect working environment.

We could always rely on Samuel to suggest a new creative strategy, and his ability to understand the needs of the target group brought us a lot of success.

Vanessa Arber
Communications and Public Affairs Manager
Fortune 500 Company

I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Ghana with Samuel. It was a work trip that involved meetings with Ghanian officials, a conference, different events and meeting both the private and public sector.

Samuel guided me graciously through the trip, provided both insights and direct tips in relation to understanding the Ghanian culture and context, as well as how to respond powerfully in situations.

Instead of spending a trip in various taxis between meetings, conference rooms and the hotel, Samuel expanded and deepened my perspective of Ghana and Ghanaians, by showing me various parts of Accra and the many beautiful ways the different cultures of Ghana comes to life.

Without Samuel it would have been a work trip, with Samuel it became a life and business enriching experience.”

Kristian Bengsston
Human & Kind

I have had the privilege of working with Samuel on a number of media and communications campaigns. I confirm that the value derived from his work has culminated in us achieving and surpassing our stated objectives every time.

Samuel has curated content, crafted press releases for distribution, and successfully acted as Master of Ceremonies and Program Director for online conferences and blended events with live audiences and digital attendees.

Ultimately though, it is Samuel’s empathy and cultural awareness that enables his success. Two decades of living and working in Ghana have tuned his antennae in to navigate the usual pitfalls which often trip up practitioners attempting to deliver messaging and content which is both relevant and value-adding.

Grant Webber
Ghana South Africa Business Chamber (GSABC)


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