Africa, the last real growth market for investors

Are you taking full advantage of it? Contact Polley Consulting to discuss whether you are getting the right advice in Africa.

"Polley Consulting enables your business to navigate through the complexities of the Ghanaian business environment on location. We will enable you to feel your way into a culture in order to make informed decisions and mitigate against any risk. Bring us in on your next investment case in Ghana. Also available for support in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa"

Cultural Bridge Building

 We will prepare you for your trip and support you in meetings. With our partners on location we will create a high impact business trip for you culturally. We bridge the cultural gap for you. 

Local Support

Cultural nuances are often hard to comprehend in Africa. We will be on the ground with you, leading you through every facet of your trip, and help you gain a real life feel for the society you are investing in. 

Logistical Support

Our expertise enables us to effectively plan all the logistics of your visit. This includes accommodation, transportation, planning of meeting schedules and a cultural induction.


"Often businesses forget that they need to understand a culture to invest in it. Support on the ground in Africa from someone that can bridge cultures is as important as understanding ones business and finances."

– Samuel Polley

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