Bridging the cultural gap in Africa

Samuel Polley, of Polley Consulting, first set foot in Ghana in 2002. Since then, he has spent over 7 years in the country gaining experience in the various cultural settings, as well as an understanding of the African diaspora in the UK and Switzerland. His experience has varied greatly. By studying at the University of Ghana, project managing school redevelopment projects, Experience in the political arena, working in the media, and living in both rural and urban settings, he has cultivated an instinctual understanding of the cultural nuances in Ghana. This enables Polley Consulting to bridge the cultural divide, mediating between Ghanaian and foreign partners within Ghana. 

Ghana is vibrantly diverse and fun to navigate, but often investors and officials visiting the country are not given the opportunity to feel and understand African countries in their entirety. 

Polley Consulting not only enables investors and officials to base their decisions on a real understanding of the social setting, but also provides support in understanding the cultural nuances of language and body language in cross cultural meetings and dialogues. 


Samuel Polley (right) on the set of the Champions League show on Viasat 1